This page contains presentations and lectures I have held for several organisations. Everything is copy-left share-alike, which means: use freely but do attribute it as found with me, my work. A question of credit where credit is due. On the other hand if you find things you made that are not attributed in my work, I”ll be happy to give the correct credits.

  • Lecture on queer theory, feminism and trans* rights for Universiteit van Amsterdam, summer school Graduate School of Social Sciences, 2013 : text
  • A webinar on the Yogyakarta principles, human rights and sex, gender and sexuality for Human Rights Education Associates (HREA): presentation
  • HREA Webinar on SSOGIE and human rights: (text ; presentation)
  • Presentation for UvA Pride 2012: Trans* beyond identities (text ; presentation)
  • Fall 2014 I held a short talk at the LOVA conference in Amsterdam about queerness and the legibility of trans* bodies (text)
  • Spring 2015 I presented at the EPATH conference in Ghent, Belgium
  • Winter 2015 I held a presentation at Belgrade’s Merlinka queer film festival “How did we get where we are?”
  • In April 2015 I held a lecture for paedagogy and psychology students of Nijmegen’s Radboud University
  • Summer 2016 I participated in the WPATH Symposium in Amsterdam with the preliminary results of Principle 17’s survey
  • Summer 2016 I presented at the Europride ARC-GS conference “Proud in Europe 2016?” on Leaving the cistem together (text; presentation)